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Gavin Kyle


I was raised on whatever comics I could get from my older city dwelling cousin, or whatever meager servings my local newsagency or book exchange had to offer. 2000AD, Ren and Stimpy and skateboard graphics lit my fire for drawing, and as I grew older, sci-fi and horror movies really captured my imagination.

In 2009 I wanted to put my energy into something I always loved and pursue a special make-up effects career. I completed Make-up Effects Group’s Masterclass Course and have been working on short films and sculpting all kinds of weird, funny and disgusting things.

I plan to keep my toes dipped in both the art/comics world and also the make-up effects world, creating monsters and prosthetics for films, and developing my stories and ideas in toys, comics and original art.

Peripheral visions



Edward Baueris


Edward Baueris is a freelance graphic artist who creates work using analogue and digital techniques. He has been drawing as long as he can remember and developed his technique in high school, where he was short-listed for Art Express. This was followed by completing a bachelor of fine arts from Sydney College of the Arts. He is now working as a freelance artist, focusing on illustration.

His work draws upon a lot of influences, but a few have stood out over the years. He started collecting American comics as a kid and watched a lot of cartoons, so these informed his early drawing style. He later discovered Japanese comics and animation as well as great artists and illustrators of history. He spent 6 months living in Japan, which allowed him to experience first hand a culture he had admired from afar. Video games and movies also draw big influence on Edward and give him a wide range of styles which to draw upon..