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I was with Daniel all day yesterday going through the Undead Zone game. I got an in depth presentation on all the levels and all the aspects of the game play.

We worked on a few environment “detail” tweaks – adding more carnage and depth to the look of the game. Suggested a few more obstacles and refining of the story game play.

I am extremely proud of what Alex and Daniel have achieved. The level of detail and game play is amazing. These guys came onboard because they liked the Mary Doe project and brought to the table an aspect of the world that I would never have had the knowledge or experience to achieve. I’ve been inspired by the game, the technical achievement, the fun and coolness of playing it and the richness it adds to the Mary Doe world.

I spoke with Tom Savini today and he is finalizing his dialogue for the game, based on some story changes we made.

Daniel has already started putting the seeds of an idea for a new game into my head. Something that we have wanted to plan for when we release the Mary Doe movie. A high end independently produced game using the Valve Source Engine or the CRYEngine3. It will become available via digital download on Steam for the PC, XBLA for the Xbox and the PSN for the Playstation 3.

Alex is excited by the prospect of the new game and I feel the wheels have been solidly set in motion.


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The Last Stand – establishing a desert military outpost – FINAL LEVEL environments for the Mary Doe – Undead Zone computer game. It’s taken a while but the guys have put so much work into building an awesome game. All credit goes out to them. From detailed locations to well crafted level interplay – you won’t be disappointed. JUST ADD ZOMBIES!


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The new Online Graphic Novel by Daus Von Roe will blow your Zombie Mind – COMING SOON!


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TWITTER @MaryDoeMovie

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Mary Doe is up on TWITTER.

Some of our fans preferred to stay up to date with us on Twitter, so we made it available for everyone to participate on the journey. Spread the word – Tweet… Tweet… Arghhhhh…

Go to www.twitter.com and check us out @MaryDoeMovie.

Direct link at www.twitter.com/#!/MaryDoeMovie