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MARY DOE begins to take shape. Martin was the first to read my script and was very positive about the material and what we were doing. A first draft is handed to everyone. The story found itself relatively quickly and we use the draft as a springboard to start to bring this vision to life.

I was exhilarated with what I had written. It was a cool story, had great characters, a classic Femme Fatale in the lead role, and a barrage of Mutants. My focus for the project was to make a low budget feature film that would give us the universal commercial appeal that we wanted and give us the biggest platform to launch our company.


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We contacted our industry friends and colleagues who had been so supportive of us in the past. They would always encourage us to make a feature and we knew we could get help and guidance from them along the way. Richard Taylor and Martin Baynton at WETA in New Zealand had been extra supportive of my projects and really kept my spirits high when I asked for advice and their involvement as the project evolved.

Paul was getting excited – the momentum and positive energy was building so fast. Every day he came in we would talk about what we could do to make this film kick arse – to blow everyone away with what we were undertaking.

A core group of our friends and colleagues in the make-up effects industry banded around us when we told them what we were doing. Some donating their time and talents to help us get this film up and running, especially with the enormous make-up effects requirements we have planned.

We are referred to an entertainment lawyer to discuss our business plans.


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More business associates come in for meetings and our team started to form. They all love films and wanted to try out something new and exciting. They were blown away by what we proposed and our studio really inspired them creatively. We could see that they wanted to do something with us. In a matter of months we were on our way to building the foundations of our film production company and the evolvement of MARY DOE.

As with anything – you have to put your idea out there and let it take on a life of its own. You just have to be prepared and take advantage of the opportunities that will make themselves available.


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Hopefully I don’t start off every entry with inspirational words like these, but I can’t tell you how excited I was when we made the decision to do this. We contacted our friend and DOP Franc Biffone, as he had hinted on this venture during the filming of my short film trailer – PARADISE LOST. We had such a good time making the trailer and really produced something amazing, that we knew we could easily have a go at bringing this together.

Franc dropped over that afternoon and we started talking. He uttered the same inspirational words and something about ‘chickens’ (to be explained when we do our Q&A at Comic Con), and we knew we had someone we could rely on. By the end of the meeting Franc had contacted some business and financial colleagues he knew, that might be interested in backing us.

That week we had those people in at Make-up Effects Group to show them our past work and tell them what we were planning. They were definitely interested and wanted us to form a company to make this venture a reality.


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Moments of inspiration like this can change the world – or maybe the world around you. That’s how it all started… After years of trying to get our films up and giving control to other people to develop our vision – was just not working. Hitting brick walls when you were so close to getting your project green lit, and then something just happens… Don’t you hate that… something just happens… no one can really put a finger on it, but you can see that wall getting closer. It’s so disheartening. Enough was enough!

We felt we had the industry contacts, and of course all the intellectual property, so why not take it upon ourselves to push our projects and give them the best chance they could get to be made. We were the best people to do that. We would stop at nothing and give everything to get the chance to get our film made. It seemed so obvious! We had always wanted to do this but we were so involved in the creative side of the business, we never had the time to wear both hats and try and produce our films as well.

Let me tell you, the day we uttered those inspirational words – our world changed…