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Thanks to Gab and Grant for spending most of the week at the studio helping me mould three of the huge zombie sculptures. When completed, they are going to be major animatronic puppets for some of the key sequences in the film. We estimate it will probably take around eight puppeteers to operate them – all OLD SCHOOL, in-camera effects, that will blow your socks off. The sculptures look amazing – they will impress when you see them in the movie.

Gab and Grant are two friends that have been helping Paul and myself from day one on Mary Doe. Fibreglass mould-making is hard work and it’s great to have them drop by to lend a hand.

Can’t show you the moulds we just completed as it would give too much away – but here are some other works of art!

Also, a big thank you to Bob Donaldson our 1st AD, who on numerous occasions has graciously come in to help me set up a preliminary schedule for the shoot. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and I know his vast experience (THE PHANTOM, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II), will make my life easier when we are onset.

Paul’s back for a four week hiatus from THE HOBBIT next week and will get back into finishing two more of the sculptures – and we do it all again…


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We finally got a working iPad version of our Mary Doe and Creative Nerve Entertainment websites. Daniel had to go in and make some major code changes to get around the incompatibility of Flash on iPad. If you have an iPad, you can check us out and look even cooler using the latest technology. However, getting the full Mary Doe online experience is best accessed from your normal computer workstations: as all the music, animated menus and interactivity, remain fully functional.


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A blog post by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that mentions a “zombie apocalypse” as a lighthearted way to get Americans to read about preparing for hurricanes drove so much traffic that it crashed the website, the agency said.

The Zombie Apocalypse campaign is a social media effort by the CDC’s Public Health and Preparedness center to spread the word about the June 1 start of hurricane season.

The CDC is a U.S. federal government health agency based in Atlanta.


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Two new First Class Forever stamps have just been released by the US Postal Service of the Astronaut Alan Shepard and the Messenger space craft.

Donato was the artist who designed and painted both stamps, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s flight as the first American in space back on May 5, 1961. A bit of press has followed this event, with mentions in the NY Times Blogs, and article in the Daily News, and a short interview on the local TV station, NY1.


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If you have had a chance to look through our websites, you would have seen some of the elaborate work we have brought together for Mary Doe. Everyone involved is extremely excited about the project, as we delve into consolidating the investment for the film.

As this comes together we have gone full steam ahead to show how passionate we are about what we are doing and the high expectations we have as we evolve the franchise. As a result, we have been developing high end collectable merchandising and toys that we are showing investors, graphic novels and spin off stories, as well as bringing together the free L4D2 Mod online game, THE UNDEAD ZONE, to give something to the fans of this genre.

And here’s the scoop and we may lose our heads over it – we are blown away to have Make-up Maestro and Actor, Tom Savini, as the voice of one of the characters in the game. Jake (no last name), is a mercenary struggling to hold onto his sanity and mind as the Mutant virus runs through his body – he will do his best to guide and inform players through the various levels of the game.

Tom has been great and is currently finalizing recording of his performance – now that’s cool.

For the occasion, here’s a tribute piece of original art created by airbrush artist extraordinaire Daus Von Roe. The art may be a competition prize we’ll offer down the track – stay tuned.

Check out more on the MODDB gaming website in the coming days.