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Matte Painter, traditional fine artist and photographer – Wayne is a consummate artist, with a great design sensibility and style, that has always attracted me visually and cinematically. He created some stunning matte paintings for me for one of my short films and now we are working together on Mary Doe.

He has worked as a Matte Painter on The Fifth Element and Red Corner whilst at Digital Domain in L.A and created some memorable vistas that still remain some of my favourite. Recently he worked as senior Matte Painter at WETA FX on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

With Wayne onboard – Mary Doe is looking good.

Check out some of his work www.ankaris.com


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Costume Designer Liz Keogh Palmer is currently working on some wonderful designs for our BIO SUITS. A featured costume in the Mary Doe film that has undertaken a lot of discussion and development. Once we have the designs locked down we will also be sculpting an 18 inch Maquette of the final look (part of our Toy and high end Collectible Merchandise that is in development). Lizzie’s credits include Dark City and I, Robot, starring Wil Smith. Lizzie’s a great friend and she helped me out on my first ever short film, creating the luscious costumes for all the characters. She’s an amazing designer and it’s exciting to have her onboard.

Some of the photos from that ambitious short film ‘A Nice Place To Visit’ haven’t seen the light in over ten years – thought it was a nice occasion to bring them out. Yes, that’s me in the photo with the ventriloquist puppet – cool ponytail and the huge rimmed 90’s glasses. No that’s not me standing next to Bridget Moynahan – that’s Wil Smith…


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It’s a pleasure working with Tom on a horror film. He’s great to have around and always brings an air of excitement when he is on set and we are about to kill someone (in the movie). Covered in blood and looking up to see him smiling at the grizzly proceedings is truly a buzz.

He loves what we are doing on Mary Doe and is definitely going to be a part of the project. What else could you ask for!


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One of my favourite artists is creating a painting for our film Mary Doe!

His paintings evoke all the feelings of the great Pre-Raphaelite and Classic artists. Expressions of beauty, myth, and spectacle: his art captures wonderful story moments with the most awe-inspiring compositions and enchanting interpretations.

I have the absolute pleasure and honour of having Donato Giancola painting a major artwork that will appear in the film. It is an important piece and thematically linked to Mary’s story. Now I have you thinking! Why is Donato going to paint one of his classic paintings for our Zombie/Mutant film? Well I told you Mary’s story is key to this film – her journey will bring a different spin on the entire Zombie/Mutant genre. The thriller is deeply ingrained within our story and Donato’s painting is an important set piece that will compliment a vital story thread.

I’ll keep you updated…

Since beginning his professional career in 1993, Donato’s list of clients has grown to include major book publishers and collectors in New York to concept design firms on the West Coast: notables include The United Nations, LucasFilm, National Geographic, CNN, DC Comics, Microsoft, The Village Voice, Playboy Magazine, US Postal Service, Wizards of the Coast , Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Tor Books, Random House, Time/Warner, The Scifi Channel, Milton-Bradley, and Hasbro. Merits range from the prestigious Hamilton King Award from the Society of Illustrators in 2008 to eighteen Chesley Awards from the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, three Artist Hugo Awards for outstanding professional work from the World Science Fiction Society, notable awards from the Art Renewal Center, and multiple silver and gold medals from the juried annual Spectrum: The Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art.

I have the joy of owning one of his magnificent paintings and it’s inspiring to see it every day. Donato Giancola is extremely well known in the art world but if you haven’t heard of him, I urge you to take the time to check out this amazing artist.



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The release of our online ZOMBIE game THE UNDEAD ZONE is getting close.

Alex Young and Daniel Gallahar have put in an amazing amount of work to create a high quality, kick-ass, gaming experience – my hat (and head) goes off to them. Two young and talented guys with a huge future in the industry.

Mary Doe film composer Steven Summers has contributed some wonderful themes and musical stings to help complete player engagement.

What we’ve wanted to do from day 1 with the MARY DOE film and all its ancillary developed merchandise, is give fans a top quality product – something that we would get a buzz from and be proud of and something the fans could enjoy. It’s not always about how much money you have to produce these things but how much the talented, artistic and passionate people you have around you, give of themselves, to want to develop something of excellence.

STAY TUNED, the world is about to fall apart around you – The Undead Zone is just around the corner.