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Since Christmas it’s been a crazy and busy time on every front. Releasing our website and announcing Mary Doe to the world has been exciting and highly satisfying for everyone involved. In the few short weeks since, we have been speaking to lots of reporters and fans and telling them our story. I feel the energy building on many different levels, as our project takes another huge leap forward. It’s great to hit these marks as you change gears and another injection of momentum kicks in. Everyone’s backing so far has been amazing and the genuine interest and excitement in what we are doing means everything. We have kept the whole project and everything we have been creating under wraps for 2 years and now it’s great to finally let it out.

Business wise we are dealing with investors and fielding interest from sales agents around the world.

At MEG we continue to keep the momentum of the make-up effects and model making build going – always introducing more ideas and building more creatures… I don’t think we can stop ourselves…

Also, we have been developing the pre-visualization for the end sequence of the film and transferring our drawn storyboard edit into a full-blown digital Pre-viz. It’s a detailed and complex sequence, so I want to make sure it is solid story-wise and then extrapolate as much of the technical data that digital Pre-viz can give you to help us plan the shoot. We went on a location scout and took hundreds of photos and detailed plans of the environment, which will be integrated into the digital Pre-viz to give us a clearer picture of what is required to shoot on the day.

We have discussed the project with a few high profile actors and continue to follow up on our dream cast.

The release of The Undead Zone game is getting closer – the gaming community fan base is enormous and our L4D2 Mod has generated a lot of interest and anticipation. Alex and Daniel are doing an amazing job building the game and the campaign. Remember it’s going to be a FREE online game available to all our fans.

I am working with our 1st AD on a preliminary schedule – a line-by-line layout of the shooting requirements for each day of the film shoot.

Thanks to everyone that is following our journey… You’re in for a cool ride!



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Please check out the Mary Doe announcement on Dread Central.

Head into the Undead Zone with Mary Doe

It’s a great website for keeping up to date with horror films, genre projects, and the pop culture world…

Thanks to Uncle Creepy for putting up the news about our movie.



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Hey guys,

Check out the IF Magazine Australia article written about Mary Doe.



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Hi Guys,

Just launched a behind the scenes look into the making of the Undead Zone.

Check out the featurette at www.youtube.com/marydoemovie


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This is it folks, the moment we have all been waiting for – the launch of our WEBSITE for the film Mary Doe.


This site will be the hub for everything Mary Doe related. The videos, production photos, graphic novels, art and much much more, will build in scope and grandeur as we move closer to filming. You’ll start to see onset diaries and a lot of other cool stuff. You might even be able to find an Easter Egg I have hidden on the site.

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