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Steve Summers is an accomplished musician, able to play several different instruments, proficiently from drums and many other types of percussion instruments, to all types of guitars and piano/keyboards.So the transition to composer for film, TV and games was natural.

Steve and writer/director/producer Nick Nicolaou have been life long friends. They first worked together on one of Nick’s short film projects titled “F” back in the late 1990′s. Since then, they have collaborated on several different projects.

Both the world of gaming, whether RPG, 3rd person shooter or flight simulation and movies have captured Steve’s imagination and channeled his passion for composing for the last twenty years.

From a musical score perspective, Steve sees both Film and Gaming as identical in terms of motifs, themes and general tones.

“Film and game scores are indeed one and the same. I love composing for both. Each requires a main theme, sub-themes, atmospheric nuances and other important motifs and ideas. Particularly over the last five years, many game developers have identified this requirement and we now see how many games produced are containing high quality film scores. The benefit of this to the gamers has been enormous. Gamers inherently are very enthusiastic and intelligent about music scores in their games. They, like the game developers, realize how important music is to the overall feel and tone of the game”.

“I really enjoyed producing some of the atmospheric and accompanying music for “The Undead Zone”.And on that “note”, I can’t wait to get started on Mary Doe, it’s going to be a creatively wonderful project!”


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Released our Undead Zone Trailer on our NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Also uploaded our Make-Up Effects Group (5 year old) Showreel to give you a look into what we do. Maybe it’s time for us to update our showreel?

You can check it out at !!!


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Welcome to the world of MARY DOE.

In the coming months you’ll start to see the culmination of two years work in the development of our independent Horror/Thriller feature film.

You will only see a small percentage of the work produced thus far, as we don’t want to give away any spoilers! We’ll keep our fans updated with the latest news about this exciting project and keep you involved as we bring together investment and move into production.

Check out our blog and see what we have been doing (check out the archives to see the journey so far). You’ll start to see more production photos, release of our free online zombie game – THE UNDEAD ZONE, exclusive downloads, release of the MARY DOE movie website, and much, much more.

It’s been an amazing journey for all of us involved so far and we look forward to everyone coming along for the ride.

If you love a great story with plenty of suspense, twists and turns … If you want to see how a group of filmmakers has developed this ambitious independent feature film project – then this is the place to be.

Join our Facebook & RSS subscriptions for the latest updates – you won’t be disappointed.


Nick Nicolaou



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We were just informed that MEG won the “Best Special Effects” award at the British Horror Film Festival for our work on the film Needle.

Needle also won awards for “Best Cinematography” – Stephen Windon and “Best Supporting Actress” – Jessica Marais.

More to Come…


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SCREAMFEST LA October 8-16th  – showcased some cool Horror flicks at Mann’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. The competition was very strong (over 20 great films) which included some big budgeted films including Black Death (Sean Bean), Mirrors 2 (Nick Stahl) and Altitude.

John Soto and Deidre Kitcher premiered their film, NEEDLE, at the festival and received a great response.  Screamfest LA is a wonderful forum for Horror and Genre Films to gain exposure on an international level and is one of America’s biggest Horror Film Festivals.

At the awards ceremony, our company Make-up Effects Group won the BEST MAKE-UP category for the work we contributed to Needle. Thanks to the great make-up team we had; Katherine, Justin, Gab, Grant, Alex, Minch, Kala and Rachel.

Congratulations to John & Deidre for bringing Needle together. It is the second film of theirs Make-up Effects Group has collaborated on.

Check out the cool award.