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FAN BOY ENTRY – Tom Savini dropped by our studio today! What a buzz it was to have a true legend of our field visit our studio. The Special Make-up Effects ‘King’ – a true inspiration for both Paul and myself to get into this industry. Tom was a keynote speaker at the International Make-up Artists Trade Show (IMATS) We talked all weekend and invited him back to the shop.

He is such a cool guy and it’s easy to understand the aura that surrounds him and why he has so many fans all around the world. We talked about films, make-up, and traded funny industry stories – it was all so very casual and loads of fun. We also talked about who had the bigger toy collection – Tom won out on that (just a note – Tom traded his original Creepshow Fluffy ‘Wooden Crate’ to Greg Nicotero, for a full scale version of ‘Gort’ from The Day the Earth Stood Still – good trade). Tom talked about his early development of “Vamp Pirates” – he nearly had all the investment to make the film, locations were locked in, unfortunately the Producer passed away before the deal was made solid and it fell apart. Tom was reciting key scenes from the script with great passion – it’s still in his heart to get the project off the ground.

Tom was really impressed with what we had developed for Mary Doe and I expressed my interest in having him look at one of the roles in the film. He was more than gracious to look at the material and said he would definitely come back to be in the project. He also asked if he could take off his shirt in the film, as he is in really good shape. I laughed but said I would look at writing it in – I might have to do a cross over film “Mary Doe Vs Machete”. Having Tom Savini in my first feature film – now that would be amazing!

We have been working so hard to get this project off the ground. We’ve been building our production company and developing a film without any funding because we love what we are doing and believe in our story. Yet the journey is grueling and does take a toll on you – as they say, “if it was easy – everyone would do it!” Then you get days like this that bring back the fun and inspire you and drive you to push harder and get your story told. FAN BOY PHOTO ATTACHED.


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One of the best comic stores in Sydney is having their relocation opening bash, on Saturday 18th September – 331 Stoney Creek Road Kingsgrove NSW 2208. Gary runs the store and is a top guy. He can sort you out with any of your comic and collectible needs.

He has a little gallery section in his store and plans to exhibit works from artists around Australia. First up is our friend Eden Small, one of the top sculptors I know. Eden has been working for WETA Workshop for the last 6 years sculpting some of their key collectible figures – Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Narnia, Zorro, Doctor Who, Superman Returns, Hellgate London, District 9 and Halo – Eden is one of the best around.

Hope to see you there.


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The proceeding account is ALL TRUE…. none of the names have been changed to protect the innocent…. PK.

Was it a fevered dream, a subconscious organizing of anxieties associated with making the movie? It was so vivid and bizarre! Is it prophetic – I hope so! Am I psychic – it would be pretty funny if I was!

In the murky, unchartered depths of my dream consciousness it all began….

Brad Pitt, yes the movie star, had somehow got his hands on the MARY DOE script and was coming to Australia to star in the production. It was the morning and he was scheduled to meet me at my house. Nick the Director and a few other key crew members were also there waiting to meet him.

I remember the image of him walking towards my house, waving as he gets closer. A very strange image in ones dream, is that of Brad Pitt walking towards you and waving! Upon his arrival, about 10 am (how can I even remember the time?), the first thing he asked me was – did I have any wine? Was this his normal breakfast? I answered no but said I could duck down the shops to get him some. I remember asking if he also wanted a coffee…

During this time his PA rang a local radio station and Brad gave an interview telling the public why he was here in Australia and how he loved the MARY DOE script etc. His PA set up a kind of amateur radio station in my house as he was directing interview questions towards Brad. Soon there after, everyone in Australia started calling the radio station requesting more information about what Mr Pitt was up to, what was this film he was working on, who were the filmmakers involved…?

A blur of imagery… time suspension congruent with strange vivid dreams… nothing making sense…

I find myself down at my local shops buying wine and coffee for Brad (first name basis) and everyone at my house. There is a fervour of activity as people start to ask me what’s going on, is it true about Brad Pitt… is he going to be in your movie…? …When all of a sudden a big black limousine rocks up beside me and rolls down the rear back seat window… revealing a gun pointing at me, motioning me to get in the back seat. Very strange to see a car like that in my neighbourhood I thought…

I accept the offer and climb into the big black limousine. In the seat opposite me is Tom Cruise pointing the gun at me. He almost looks a bit like the character he played in Tropic Thunder, and he quickly informs me how the studios, I don’t know which ones, want to give us $87 million to make MARY DOE (did we have the film budget that refined that we needed the extra $7 million)? Sitting next to Tom was the one and only Jean Claude Van Damme! He was expressing how he desperately wanted to be in the film, in fact almost begging me to be in it…! A few blurring time suspending dream moments later and we are all at some party, at some unknown house getting trashed and everyone is in the bathroom doing illicit drugs!

I awake to the surprise that it was all a dream, although I try to piece together if any of it was real… No definitely a dream… I guess we’ll have to wait to see if it comes true… if I indeed do have the power of precognition!

Nick persuades me to document this dream in the blog, incase the dream does come true and then we have solid evidence that I have these amazing powers of precognition.


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Wolf drops in from Gestalt Comics He wanted to see the studio and what we were doing with my various projects. He may be interested in looking at a few scripts for possible Graphic Novel adaptation. He gets the tour and loves what he sees. Really down to earth guy and his company will be a tour-de-force in this industry. He knows his stuff and his company produces top quality products.

Supanova weekend – the comic con is getting bigger and bigger each year… Caught up with the gang at the Gestalt Comic stand. Met artist Justin Randall (30 Days of Night) – he was launching his Graphic Novel CHANGING WAYS through Gestalt Comics. A beautifully illustrated story, dark and gloomy – a menacing descent into darkness.

Met THE HULK – Lou Ferrigno. Shook hands – he still looks like he is in great shape. He was funny and a GENTLEman of a giant.


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Another intense meeting with our solicitor – Trademarks, Option Agreements, Shareholders Agreements… it goes on and on… I feel so drained coming out of these meetings as there are so many factors to put in place when setting yourself up with a solid business platform to protect yourself and everyone involved with the making of your film. It’s necessary and you would be crazy not to follow the legal advice given. We’re doing this right… just a little more patience and we’ll be able to move forward.

Yes this entry is a play on words – we actually saw a 35mm print of THE ABYSS tonight at the theatre. A friend of a friend was having a birthday and organized a private screening. It was fantastic to see after so many years. The film print was in amazing shape. And here’s the icing on the cake, we were all sitting next to RON COBB, who was also a friend of the birthday boy – what a trip.