This is the culmination of a life-time dream – a vision to create a world, inhabit it with characters of my own and bring it all to life on the
big screen.

It’s an obsessive creative passion that spurred me on over 10 years ago to start writing scripts, make short films and develop my own intellectual properties, so I could one day make my own feature films.

I have always been drawn to film and especially a passionate fan of genre films, science fiction, horror, fantasy and thrillers. Surrounded by comic books and growing up with films - always a big part of my life, I wanted to make a mark, tell my own unforgettable stories and establish a voice to express my ideas and imagination.

It’s been an amazing journey over the past 25 years working with Paul at our company Make-up Effects Group. We’ve created some fantastic work on dozens of international feature films and hundreds of commercials, and in all that time I knew I was growing towards my dream. We formed Genre Pictures and now have a solid platform of scripts that we will develop in the future. The intellectual properties have opened many doors for us and established us with some strong and creative industry players.

Mary Doe evolved from some of these connections enabling the redirection of our focus as a company to produce our own projects – have the creative control with the backing of passionate people that believe in us but also have the business sense to grow.

Creative Nerve Entertainment was formed to help establish us with business people who could inject a solid business structure and develop exciting and sound opportunities for investors backing our projects. The combination has helped fuse our business and creative minds and set us on the right path. Our aim is to create strong stories and commercial properties that will have longevity and appeal within a universal market. Properties that will allow us to cross to other ancillary markets like video games, comic books, graphic novels, games, toys
and merchandise.

A complete vision, a commercial and creative vision that is no longer a dream but a solid reality.

- Nick Nicolaou